I International Meeting REDIC – 2019

As part of the strengthening and sustainability of the Network, the First International REDIC Meeting was held, with the aim of establishing alliances and developing specific products.

REDIC has three managers from three Latin American universities, but it also has approximately 200 partners in Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa.

It has been considered necessary to hold an annual meeting for the first three years and biennials thereafter, this in order to strengthen relationships, but above all, to work together and collaboratively. Therefore, in 2019, from March 18 to 21,we held a four-day meeting to focus on the work of the Network, with the participation of national and international academics from approximately 15 countries.

Work tables were developed on which links between the participants have been strengthened and nodes and work teams emerged.

Organization Committee

Maynor Barrientos, mbarrientos@uned.ac.cr

Tatiana Ramírez, tramirez@uned.ac.cr

Melissa Mora, mmora@uned.ac.cr