Project: Construction of a framework for the development of digital learning competences in higher education

General Objective:

Create a framework for the development of digital learning competencies in higher education.

Specific Objetives

  • Identify the digital learning competences in the agents that participate in digital learning spaces.
  • Organize the skills found in a category matrix.
  • Prototype an instrument that validates the components of the categories in relation to the application contexts .
  • Implement the instrument in different educational contexts.

Research Group

Universidad ECCI, Colombia:

Mayerly Alexandra Guerrero Moreno

ECCI University Educational Advisor. Master in Education with emphasis in Research and Bachelor of Biology. Knowledge and expertise in pedagogical advice of virtual learning environments, in the construction of digital mediations and materials for the strengthening of academic management, in the creation and design of courses, and in the quality control of pedagogical and didactic designs. Extensive experience in coordination and academic secretariat, professor of environmental sciences in higher education, leader of research projects in education.

Gina Patricia Suárez España

Biologist, Specialist in Teaching Innovation mediated by ICT. Master in Digital Resources applied to Education, with great experience in University Online Teaching, as well as in the Educational Sector guiding students in the Area of ​​Natural Sciences and Environmental Education. Adviser in Environmental Management projects on issues related to the control, surveillance, use and exploitation of Natural Resources. Studies in Online Teaching , University Online Teaching courses, Moodle, pedagogy, use and management of information and communication technologies, with a high degree of responsibility, commitment, discipline and high capacity for teamwork.


Rubí Cristina Nieto Córdoba

Professional in Public Accounting at the Minuto de Dios University Corporation, Specialist in Financial Management at the Minuto de Dios University Corporation and currently specializes in ICT Mediated Teaching Innovation at the ECCI University.

Experience of 12 years in the business sector as a Public Accountant, Statutory Auditor and external audit, and Teaching experience of 6 years.


Universidad Estatal a Distancia, PROIFED:

Mario André Barahona Quesada

Master in Cognitive Sciences and Bachelor in Classical Philology. Researcher of the Research Program in Fundamentals of Distance Education (PROIFED) of Costa Rica’s State University of Distance Education (UNED). Interested in topics related to language, culture and cognition.


Christian Ocampo Hernández

Full-time professor-researcher at the
School of Education Sciences of the Costa Rica’s State University of Distance Education
(UNED). Bachelor in Teaching Social Studies (University of Costa Rica -UCR), Bachelor of Science in Education with emphasis in Civic Education (UNED) and Master in Curricular Planning (UCR). Has been a teacher at the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), the UCR and UNED, where he currently coordinates the Chair of Development Education. With wide
experience in university teaching, research in topics related to fields such as pedagogy, history, interculturality and development of
university extension projects. He is the author of articles on interculturality, curricular design, evaluation of learning and cultural management in national academic journals. He coordinates the research area of Distance Learning Processes and the Research-Cross-Border Network on Coto Conflict and related topics.

Maynor Enrique Barrientos Amador

Master in Literature and Master in Catholic Theology. Coordinator of the Research Program in Fundamentals of Distance Education (PROIFED) of Costa Rica’s State University of Distance Education (UNED-Costa Rica). Coordinator of the International Network for Research in Distance, Online and Open Education (REDIC). Coordinator of UNED International Initiative. Part of the research group on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at UNED. Founder of Barrientos & Gatgens Asociados. Entrepreneur in educational projects and continuous, permanent and personalized training programs.